Friday, January 16, 2009

Letter to Ma Ying-jeou

(The following was written by my cousin for her high school English project--BRAVO!)

January 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou,

Though you have never explicitly stated it, it is obvious to the public that your main goal as Regional Leader is to unite Taiwan with China. But what is the point of this “unification”? What has China ever done for Taiwan?

China has missiles aimed at Taiwan and continually threatens to fire them.

China has always had a low opinion of Taiwan. To it, Taiwan is just another Tibet.

China hasn’t helped Taiwan’s economy as you had hoped it would when you worked on the cross-strait negotiations, with the direct flights and the opening up of tourism between the two countries. As anyone can see, Taiwan is still in a huge economic mess.

China has ceaselessly humiliated Taiwan, telling it what it can and can’t do. For example, at the Olympics, it demands that Taiwan take up the name of Chinese Taipei. It also continuously blocks Taiwan’s efforts to join international groups such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

China has been and is still waiting for Taiwan to completely bow down to it. Chinese President Hu Jin-tao wants Taiwan to “cease {its} Taiwan independence secessionist activities and never again go against the common desire of the entire race nation.” Although you may agree with him, know that Taiwan will fall even lower in respect once it submits to this low status, if it had any in the first place after all your kowtowing.

Not only are you more than willing to feed the people of Taiwan to China, but you are also willing to abuse them. I have seen your police officers brutally beat and drag away harmless protestors, and you cowardly accused them of being “violent.” Taiwan is a democratic country where the people have rights; the KMT government shouldn’t plunge it back into martial law. It wouldn’t do to repeat the massacre that occurred in Taiwan on February 28, 1947. The government told the protestors it was ok to come out into the open because they wouldn’t be punished. The people listened, and they were promptly slaughtered, like pigs in a butcher shop. Need I tell you which government it was that betrayed the Taiwanese people?

China is not Noah’s ark; it cannot and will not save Taiwan in any way. In fact, if Taiwan boards this “ark”, it will sink in a political storm and drown, forgotten under the ocean. I implore you to stop demeaning Taiwan with your “unification” talks. Don’t let Taiwan disappear off the map because it is now just “China”. Also, please stop trampling on your own people to shut them up and make yourself look good to the Chinese. They don’t respect you; they never have, and they never will.



Kalithos said...

If you dont mind sharing, did this letter ever get sent to Ma?

Megan said...

The letter was recently sent, so it's on its way.

dennis said...

this son of a b is a chinese at heart. the taiwanese are paying the price for having him voted president. will there be a next presidential election? no one can be sure. if only this traitor dies of some terrible disease or someone'd be kind enough to blow his head off democracy might just prevail, ah men

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