Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 18 Founding Members of the DPP

(The following appears on a plaque next to the photograph.)

Time: 1986.11.10
Venue: Taipei Branch of the Taiwan Provincial Assembly

Ideas often unexpectedly spin the wheel of history.

After fifty years’ stagnation, “Democracy” and “Progress” were thrown like pebbles into Taiwan’s still political waters with the 1986 founding of the Democratic Progressive Party. The growing ripples from these ideas would rebuild Taiwan.

Living though they were in a repressive era, this young band’s high expectations for their country made them willing to sacrifice their own lives for their ideas.

This picture was taken after a secret Nov. 10th meeting of 18 DPP founders, a meeting held before the First National Congress was convened. Their serene expressions reflect the recognition that they had started down the road of democracy and progress. There was no turning back. The founders were ready to sacrifice all.

Name list (from right to left):

Huang Erh-hsuan
Yen Ching-fu
Chou Ching-yu
Chen Chu
Hsu Jung-shu
Fu Cheng
Kang Ning-hsiang
Frank / Hsieh Chang-ting
Jiang Peng-jian
Hong Chi-chang

Chiou I-jen
Chou Tsang-yuan
Kou Chi-jen
Su Tseng-chang
Yu Ching
Fei Shi-ping
Chang Chun-hsiung
Yu Shyi-kun

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