Saturday, September 20, 2008

Letter to Tsai Ing-wen

August 4, 2008

Dear Chairwoman Tsai,

I have been an intern this summer in the Dept. of International Affairs. I first came to the DPP shortly after President Chen’s victory in 2000 and continued to volunteer on school breaks.

However, I was increasingly turned off from politics by Chen’s performance during his two terms. After a long break, I came back to the DPP this time because I still wanted to believe in the Party despite the election loss.

In translating the Party’s press releases, I have become a big fan of your moderate and rational tone. In addition, your speeches have been a wonderful mix of substance and sentiment. I am confident that the DPP will rise again.

Finally, as this is my last week before I return to start my PhD, I would really appreciate having a picture taken with you (either on Tuesday or Thursday morning). If possible, I would like to use the photograph of the DPP’s 18 founding members as the background. I hope that you can accommodate my request.

Best Wishes,

(Yes, she did.)

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